Rhonda L. Bowen

Rhonda L. Bowen 

Cross Culture Communication

Anything different is frightening for many people at first. Not knowing how to deal with foreign cultures, business practices, mentalities or characteristics can prevent business relationships from being established or can endanger or even destroy those that already exist. Many people jump in head first and try to communicate before they actually understand the situation they find themselves in. Taking the time to step back and think before communicating with people from other cultures is absolutely essential.

More than 25 years of experience as a consultant, confidant, associate and troubleshooter make it possible for me to provide personal support for you in your intercultural business communication. My main emphasis lies in treating all parties involved with respect and tolerance. A generous dose of patience and humor as well as fine-tuned powers of observation put me in a position to recognize what is happening in the situation and provide you with tangible results.

I can assist you in developing a new awareness of intercultural conflicts and misunderstandings. My work is rooted in sincerity and flexibility; quality coaching and an improved level of self-confidence for leaders and staff are the results you can expect to receive.

Real Topics we can work on together include:

Culture Change

Express Yourself



Team Development

Group Dynamics

Conflict Management


Train the Trainer

I see myself as someone who helps clients raise their awareness of other cultures and people. I share my experience and knowledge with those I work with and assist others in discovering shortcomings. These activities result in finding solutions which are accepted by all parties involved. Together we can overcome your challenges while I accompany you and your staff on your path to increased self-confidence in dealing with intercultural differences. Learning by doing is an essential aspect of my work; this makes it possible to achieve outcomes which can be used successfully in everyday business situations.

Contact me if you are interested in a personal consultation. I look forward to speaking to you soon!

Rhonda L. Bowen

Never forget: 

"Say what you want to say,

to get what you want to get."