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Upgrade Language Competence

for Practical Use

What makes my coaching sessions special? As a native speaker of English I know the dilemmas you can face when using the English language. I know what level of language you need to use to achieve your goals. In personal coaching sessions we can work together on discovering the means you need to prepare yourself for negotiations, discussions or dealing with conflicts in English.

Real Life Example

An employee in the legal department of a Germany subsidiary of an American corporation was born in Eastern Europe. She needs to bridge the gap between her German supervisor and his American boss when discussing issues connected with the founding of a new company in Russia. In personal sessions we took the cultural aspects into account and used these to write texts which explained the issues clearly and made sure that the needs of all involved were duly considered.

Together we can analyze your situation and decide which tools can help you express yourself clearly and assure that you also understand the requirements of the other side more completely. Would you like to find out more about my coaching sessions? Then contact me!

Express Yourself

Use Language to Make an Impact

If employees, who normally speak German, have to explain complex situations in English, it is not unusual for them to be confronted with misunderstandings. They are often lacking the specialized terminology and intercultural experience; therefore they cannot express themselves adequately and attain the goals they have set for themselves. As I was born and raised in the US, I know both sides well and can support you in your efforts to learn to express yourself more appropriately and understand the other culture better.

Real Life Example

An employee of an HR department in Germany attempts to explain to the management of the parent company in the US why it is necessary to adhere to the German laws concerning maternity/paternity leave and the codetermination rights of the works council. She wants them to understand what the consequences are if the American company does not comply with these regulations.

The most important aspect here is a resolute, but at the same time diplomatic form of expression. I can support you when you need to express yourself skillfully and overcome linguistic stumbling blocks. Would you like to convince others of your ideas when you speak English and be sure that others understand your point of view? Then contact me!

Train the Trainer

Conduct Seminars Successfully

 in English

Negotiations can be very demanding, especially when the parties come from completely different countries and cultures. Multinational companies often find it difficult to get all their staff members on the same page. When they do so, their customers and suppliers worldwide experience a comparable level of competence.

Real Life Example

A trainer is asked to conduct a seminar, which he presented in German, to a European audience. Although he feels comfortable with the subject matter in English, he lacks the language skills for other important aspects, e. g. giving clear instructions, to conduct the seminar successfully.

Improve your command of the English language and prepare your seminars in such a way that you feel at ease during the seminar and can be confident that the participants understand exactly what you want to say. Would you like to conduct your seminars in English in a convincing manner? Then contact me!