Group Dynamics

Comprehend Roles and 

Emotions in Groups

People working in groups are often confronted with misunderstandings, especially when the dynamics in the group move into an area in which they have never worked before. In such situations it is important to acknowledge the emotions which arise at the moment and recognize the various roles of the group members.

Real Life Example

For over ten years I have been the leader for groups of participants who are being trained to be facilitators for parenting programs. Many of them have only worked with children or with individuals in other contexts. Therefore they have to learn to adjust their views and acquire new techniques and strategies to use in the parenting courses. Participants who want to become parenting trainers are faced with clients who are dealing with very personal and emotional topics revolving around children and their upbringing. In these groups it is necessary for the trainers to learn to assess, attend to, and, when necessary, shape the needs of the individual participants and the entire group. In doing so all involved learn to manage their situation at home better.

I can support you when groups have to learn to deal with new challenges and make their opinions understood. Would you like to understand the various roles in the groups you work with better and respond to the participants in an appropriate manner? Then contact me!