Culture Change

Understand Cultures,

Unite Cultures

When companies merge, situations often arise in which two completely different cultures clash. Both sides experience the strain caused by prejudice, misunderstandings and conflicts. The corporate management may know how to combine the business aspects of the two companies, but often do not consider the importance of uniting the corporate cultures.

Real Life Example

A German company is taken over by an American corporation. A consulting agency is asked to evaluate the situation in the Germany company and mentions that the level of English spoken by employees is too low. After working together to increase the necessary language skills, it became more and more evident that the employees needed support in questions regarding corporate culture. Which regulations listed in the American dress code are appropriate for the German location? How can the guidelines for corporate stationery be implemented in Germany, when the standard paper size is so different? And many, many more…

I can support you in understanding the culture on the other side and find a way to make a single corporate culture which takes the viewpoints of both sides into consideration. Respecting individuals, understanding the others‘ perspectives and tolerating others’ ideas are vital aspects of the way I work. Would you like to experience a corporate culture which reflects the new face of your company and breaks down the hurdles which exist when communicating with each other? Then contact me!