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Do you ever ask yourself...

what people from other cultures are thinking when you speak?

why others don't understand your written messages?

how you can make your meetings more efficient?
how you can make sure that those you work with focus on outcomes that benefit everyone?

who can show you different perspectives, provide valuable
input and help you find your undiscovered potential?

If you answered yes, let's look at...


Giving and receiving are the two sides of all communication. If messages are sent and understood well, your communication will achieve the results you're looking for.


Working together in teams helps everyone make the work easier and better. If you improve your interactions with others, you'll be more successful.


Everyone has strengths they can use more effectively and aspects that can be improved. Coaching provides additional help to do both. 

and what we can work on together.


Communication has many facets. Negotiation, culture change and conflict management are three which are challenging to improve on by yourself.  Read more in each section to discover how we can bring your skills to a higher level.


Cooperation demands effort and accountability from many people. Read more in each section to find out how you can improve coordination and teamwork with those you interact with. 


Making changes in your life can be difficult if you are trying to look at the label from the inside of the bottle. Read more in each section to get new perspectives and become the person you've always wanted to be. 

So many choices!

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What our clients say

Dear Rhonda, Thank you for our weekly one-hour coaching session!  I benefit from it much more than only as a time to improve my English. I enjoy this time every week, because it helps me change my mindset, to rethink preconceived opinions and sometimes I get the chance to have a mental reset to be able to reconsider my thoughts. This may sound like a lot for what happens in one hour, but it’s surprising how small questions and hints can help me reach the next level. Thank you!!!!! I hope we can continue working together for a long time.
K.S., Germany   
Liebe Rhonda, auf diesem Weg möchte ich Dir danken. Du hast mich insbesondere im letzten Jahr immer unterstützt, wenn ich Hilfe benötigte. Warst auch stets kurzfristig an meiner Seite, wenn mein Werdegang durch kleine und große Hürden bestückt war. Du gibst Tipps und Ratschläge wenn sie erforderlich sind und regst gleichzeitig immer auch zur Eigenverantwortung an. Du hast maßgeblich dazu beigetragen, dass ich mich bei der Arbeit entwickeln durfte. Deine Erfahrungen im Umgang mit Konflikten haben mich reifen lassen! Dafür danke ich Dir ganz herzlich.
E.B., Deutschland
You made it so convenient. Your outstanding tailor-made program made just for us was the key for a step-change to significant improvement. Our view of what we can achieve with best-in-class communication is much clearer now. We now have just the right tools and experience to go for it. Thanks Rhonda.
We had a lot of fun working together with you. Your approach with pre-reads and follow-up meetings was extremely beneficial. We appreciated your intercultural knowledge and are grateful for you sharing your broad experience with us. Thanks Rhonda.
You always had examples on hand based on your long years of experience which made your teaching style lively and the learning more tangible. Working together with you was fun. Thanks for that. Environmental Safety Managers, Bayer, Germany
Rhonda versteht es, Dinge aufzudecken, die man selber nicht auf dem Radar hat. Mir ist so deutlich geworden, welche Faktoren wir bei unseren Gedanken des Expandierens in nicht deutschsprachige Länder nicht berücksichtigt haben. Crossculture Communication mit Rhonda als Sparringspartnerin gibt mir ein hohes Maß an Sicherheit. Ein „Muss“ für jeden der über Landesgrenzen hinaus denkt.
 B.S., Deutschland 
Thank you for your email reminding me to put the things learned into practice. Like I said at the end of the training I changed my email approach with new publishers the next day already. Changing to a more open approach instead of asking for prices etc. and trying to be more of a listener will be the next two items I need to be paying attention to.
Again I have to say that the approach you used during the training as well as the actual training itself made it for me one of (and probably) the best training I had at the EPO so far. My Personal Action Plan is still on my desk and not in a cupboard like all the other ones.... Thanks again Rhonda!

P.M., Netherlands 
Interessante Themen, Einblicke in die angelsächsische Business-Kultur, Vermeidung kultureller Fallstricke, klares und bei Bedarf auch mal hartnäckiges Feedback, sympathisch und augen-zwinkernd verpackt und eine inspirierende, oft humorvolle Art der Wissensvermittlung zeichneten die Stunden mit Rhonda aus.
Ich möchte Rhonda jedem empfehlen, der noch Ziele hat und vielleicht etwas Orientierung, einen kleinen Schubs oder neue Impulse brauchen kann.

T.S., Deutschland

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